Windows 10 Professional 32 64 Bit ISO download


Windows 10 Professional 32 64 Bit ISO download for pc. This is the official bootable ISO image of windows 10 pro final release for 32 bit and 64 bit versions from Microsoft. With a promise to ensure everything for everyone, Microsoft launched its latest operating system (OS) windows 10 Pro on July 29, 2015. Millions of people warmly welcomed it with the hope of receiving a truly better, stronger, and faster operating system that can run easily on multiple platforms like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It has been capable of meeting their expectation exactly. Compared to Windows 8’s touch-centric UI, Windows 10 Pro has been designed for ensuring a traditional Windows experience to the PC users. As the consequence of it, many PC users immediately switched to windows 10 Pro.


Key features of Windows 10 Professional 32 64 Bit ISO

Windows 10 Pro includes several new features and some significant changes in its programs

Start menu: Windows 10 Pro has borrowed new Start menu from windows 7 and launched it with more advancement to showcase users live tiles in more convincing ways.

Tablet mode: Its new tablet mode has made Windows 10 Pro much easier than ever before. Users can easily operate it without the aid of a keyboard or a mouse.

Improved security: This advanced OS provides users with several new security features along with an integrated biometric system for user authentication.

Some more features:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • Cortana integration
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Xbox Live integration

Why upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Touch
  • A Better Browser
  • Universal Apps
  • The Start Menu
  • Cortana
  • Xbox App

Pros of windows 10 Pro

  • The Start Menu with more advanced features
  • A significant improvement and up gradation of its previous versions (Windows 7 and Windows 8)
  • Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 fixes the broken desktop experience
  • Cortana is highly useful and more powerful

Cons of windows 10 Pro

  • Without a Microsoft account, users cannot enjoy Mail and Calendar apps
  • Windows 10 fails to ensure seamless Tablet experience

System requirements to install Windows 10 Professional 32 64 Bit ISO

Processor: 1 GHz or faster.
RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Hard disk: 16 GB.
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

Windows 10 Professional 32 64 Bit ISO download links:

Software version: 10 Pro
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Win 10 Pro 32 Bit


Win 10 Pro 64 Bit


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  • sudhir kumar

    how to install windows 10 pro….i have downloaded the windows 10 this is 3.307gb….but this is show windows disc image burner what is this….please help me……

    • Charidu Peiris

      Contact me :

      ( Let me help you to install Windows 10 )

    • Radeon Weabo

      You’ll gonna need a MagicISO software and MagicDisc to be able to mount that ISO to a virtual DVD drive. In that way, you’ll be able to run the installer.

      But to do that, first you need to DL and install the WintoFlash software (or any similar program) to be able to transfer the ISO to your thumbdrive that has enough capacity to move all the Win10 installer files.

      And after that… Google and Youtube are your friends on how to install Windows OS on to your PC

      • James Holman

        I just run it in a virtual box.

  • Wai Wai

    the link to Windows 10 Pro 32-bit is dead

    • Nitesh Rana

      Click the 64 bit link and you will find 32 bit there

  • Radeon Weabo

    I just wanna know if this ISO is legit and allowed by MS? If I download this installer, will I be able to enable the Windows update like a Genuine Windows like any other user who bought and upgraded to this version?

    And also, I just wanna know if this version of windows is not CPU hungry and is compatible with Dual Core Intel CPU? My specs are:
    Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.2Ghz
    4GB of 1333mhz RAM
    Windows 7 64 bit ultimate
    Radeon 6000 series Graphics card

    I just wanna make sure if I install this Windows 10, I can still play games like on Windows 7 64bit. And I expect much faster because they say that this version is more efficient and less resources hungry than its predecessors.

    Oh btw, thanks for sharing this installer, have a good one bro!

    • Finn Hancock Sullivan

      Windows 10 is completely free, so it doesn’t matter where you get it from.

  • Crystal Chen
  • Saunak Biswas

    Windows is not activated . What should I do ? Please, I need the product key.
    Pro version of windows 10 is not free.

    • Doraemon

      Kmspico to activate

  • Geoff

    I have tried to install, seems to start but comes up with error “a component of the OS has expired” then lists windowsystem32bootwinload.exe

    Any advice? thanks

  • oscar Edeh

    tried to install it but i get an error report “a component of the OS has expired”
    and when i tried upgrading it requested for “product key”…
    someone kindly advice me on what to do. Thanks

  • SpaceDonuts